About Solution Finance

What Ever Your Needs May Be, We Can Help

Solution Finance began as a result of having clients with more monthly payments than monthly pay cheques. We aim to educate our clients to enable them to make informed financial decisions.

Each client is assured of finding his/her personal financial solution. Just visit us and we guarantee you will love what we have to say.

Every day, many of our clients learn the secret of living a debt-free life without obligations. Our clients learn how to pay cash for their car, also, they can make renovations, buy boats and plan their dreams.


With open-mindedness, the desire to change what does not work! Very few millionaires work harder, are smarter, better trained, more passionate, more talented, or luckier than you! Then, what is the difference? The answer is in your hands.

Our Team

Monique hopes to inspire a similar change through the techniques she shares in her book Who Took My Money?

She loves hearing from former clients and students who contact her to share their financial milestones with her. Paying off a mortgage, eliminating credit card debt, saving enough money to pay for a vacation in cash, or realizing a cherished dream.

After obtaining a Heavy Duty technician License issued by the government of Alberta, always looking for new challenges and ways to help the people around him, Charles decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and work in the Financial Field.