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Monique Gagné


After moving through careers in fashion design in the 70's and computer systems engineering in the late 80's, Monique began to work in the financial field as a mortgage professional. Many of the clients she saw were good, hard-working people seeking to re-mortgage their home in order to solve their credit card debt.

Along with the financial education, Monique shared the wisdom she had learned from her father to help clients change their financial approach. Eventually, these informal sessions became the course "The Power of Financial Happiness" which has helped hundreds of former participants enjoy debt-free financial security.

Monique hopes to inspire a similar change through the techniques she shares in her book Who Took My Money? She loves hearing from former clients and students who contact her to share their financial milestones with he paying off a mortgage, eliminating credit card debt, saving enough money to pay for a vacation in cash, or realizing a cherished dream.

Monique finds peace of mind in her garden and flowerbeds where she recharges from her busy workweek. She firmly believes that a little time spent in nature reminds us of the truly important things in life. Monique has a close network of friends who know how to have a good time and enjoy life to the fullest! Her lifelong interest in fashion is represented through the unusual hobby of millinery. Family and friends alike seek Monique's flattering concoctions.


After obtaining a Heavy Duty technician License issued by the government of Alberta, always looking for new challenges and ways to help the people around him, Charles decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and work in the Financial Field.

Charles began to work as a mortgage Professional in 2005 for the largest independent Canadian mortgage network. Gaining valuable experience and becoming an "Accredited Mortgage Professional", Charles joined his mother Monique in early 2008 with Solution Finance, in order to help clients in a more profound way.